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7 Best Osprey Backpacks Reviewed For Travel, Camping, Hiking and Fun

If you’re adventurous and love to travel then you’ll need a backpack that’s reliable, durable, easy to wear, and affordable.

There are many companies making such backpacks, but Osprey is a favorite due to their amazing line of products.

Founded in 1974, Osprey has carved a name in the industry by coming up with products that are highly durable, practical and good to look at.

However, picking the right Osprey backpack can be challenging, due to the huge number of backpacks available to choose from. To make it easier for you, we have selected the seven best Osprey backpacks.

We tested a number of Osprey backpacks in terms of quality, look, size, reliability, and everything else that you should consider when picking a backpack.

Top 3 Osprey Backpacks At A Glance:

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Best Osprey Backpacks Reviews

Now that we know the seven best Osprey backpacks, let’s get to know each in more detail:

#1 Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

If you’re a regular traveler then the Osprey Farpoint 40 is a good choice for you. A little on the expensive side, this bag is made of imported nylon and is very comfortable to wear, which is why many even consider it the best Osprey backpack.


  • Large zip to access the main compartment
  • Harness, hip belt, and stowaway back panel for extra protection with a zippered rear flap
  • Lockable compartment for tablet and laptop
  • Dual front mesh pockets
  • Scratch-resistant, heat-embossed zippered slash pocket
  • 6 ID windows and 3 pockets


  1. Perfect size if you wish to use it for hand luggage
  2. Can keep your valuables safe with a lockable compartment
  3. The handles are padded for extra comfort
  4. Great security with added strips that put no pressure on the body


  1. Doesn’t fit under the seat
  2. The laptop section is not suitable for laptops bigger than 15.5 inches.


Osprey Farpoint 40 is a good choice for travelers who want a backpack that’s easy to carry and big enough for a week-long trip.

#2 Osprey Aether AG 70 Hiking Backpack

A little heavier than other backpacks on the list, Osprey Aether AG 70 backpack is a suitable pick for people who want a large bag. It became pretty famous when it landed on Times Magazine cover and for all the right reasons.


  • Torso length is adjustable
  • A zipped base entry
  • Adjustable antigravity (ag) 3D suspended mesh
  • Custom mouldable fit
  • Rain cover
  • Multiple access points


  • Suitable for two people or multi-day backpacking
  • Multiple attachment points make it easy to carry
  • Internal divided to keep your goods neatly
  • Very secure to wear
  • Puts no pressure on the body


  • Might be a little too heavy for some
  • The European version doesn’t come with a removable lid


Osprey Aether AG 70 backpack can handle up to 40 pounds without any trouble and is a good choice for people who want to go on a long journey. It also has a rain cover, which makes it a nice choice for hiking and fishing trips, too.

#3 Osprey Packs Sirrus 36 Backpack

If comfort is a top priority then Osprey Sirrus 36 can be a good choice for you thanks to its compression straps.


  • Storage pocket on the front
  • Bungee tie-off with an ice tool loop
  • Compression straps on both the sides
  • Mesh pockets on both the sides
  • Comes with a trekking pole attachment
  • Rain Cover to protect your goods.


  • There are compartments for different items including sleeping bag.
  • Is very light to carry
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Thanks to easy adjustment, it can fit most people well


  • No waist straps
  • The colors may not be the same as shown in the pictures.


Said to be perfect for hiking trips, Osprey Sirrus 36 can be a good choice for regular travel thanks to its lightweight and adjustment features.

#4 Osprey Packs Women’s Tempest 20

As the name suggests, Osprey Packs Women’s Tempest 20 is specifically made for women and is among the best backpacks for women. This is one of the simplest Osprey backpacks on the market as the makers have removed features that they think don’t add much to the value.


  • Lightweight construction and easy design for quick action.
  • Lumbar packs and top loaders.
  • Stretch mesh pockets on the side
  • 20L of capacity
  • Bike helmet holder


  • At just 1 pound, it’s a very lightweight product.
  • AirScape feature makes it perfect for hot days.
  • A great pick for small ladies
  • Can be used as a hand luggage when you fly


  • Only suitable for small trips.
  • No compartments for laptops and other such gadgets.
  • Not suitable for men or tall women (above 5’6”).


The bag is suitable for day hikes and trips to the market as it’s more of a daypack. It’s mainly designed for short hiking trips and can keep you balanced on uneven surfaces. However, we wish it was a little more versatile.

#5 Osprey Flare 22 Laptop Backpack One Size Black

If you’re a tech enthusiast and don’t wish to travel without your laptop by your side then Osprey Flare 22 Laptop Backpack can be a good choice for you.


  • Padded sleeves for laptop and tablet
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Emergency whistle
  • Sternum strap
  • Front pocket
  • Panel access with a zip


  • Can keep your laptop safe and secure
  • Very easy to carry thanks to the lightweight
  • Small pockets for mobile phones and smaller gadgets
  • Very affordable


  • No rain cover
  • Not suitable for travel


This is a good option for work, travel, or school. It can accommodate your laptop, files, and other such items without any trouble. However, it may not be suitable for adventure trips.

#6 Osprey Duro 6 Running Backpack

If you’re into running then Osprey Duro 6 Backpack is a good choice for you. Available in two different colors, this backpack is suitable for men who want a juggernaut of a backpack.


  • Front pocket with a zip
  • Hydration sleeve inside
  • 5l Hydraulics Lt Reservoir
  • 7 pockets
  • Frameless


  • Completely bounce free
  • Easy to wear and provides a good fit
  • Very easy to put on and take off


  • Available in only 2 colors
  • Doesn’t have a minimalistic design


The backpack looks more like a vest and is suitable for people who want to spend a lot of time running, hiking, and trekking.

#7 Osprey Zealot 15 Bike Backpack

If you have a lot of gear to carry then Osprey Zealot 15 Bike Backpack can be a good choice with its multiple pockets and amazing design.


  • A 3L reservoir
  • Contoured shoulder straps with perforated foam and breathable mesh
  • Back panel with a zipper
  • Adjustable LidLock™ helmet clip
  • Compression straps for easy carrying
  • Reflective hits for improved visibility in low light conditions


  • Perfect size for a big day adventure
  • The pockets are well placed
  • The harness and strap system make it secure and easy to wear
  • Mesh pockets can hold a small camera


  • It can be difficult to access the main compartment
  • May not be suitable for men above six feet


This one has a lot of space and is suitable for all kinds of trips, from hiking to fishing to kayaking.

Why Choose Osprey Backpacks?

There are many companies making backpacks, so why should you opt for an Osprey backpack? It’s simply because of the quality they have to offer.

We have reviewed and used different brands over the years. While there are other good brands on the market, Osprey is in a league of its own thanks to its incredible qualities that include:

– Amazing Customer Support

You will rarely face an issue with Osprey backpacks, but if you ever do you’ll find how great their customer support is. You may reach the company at 1-866-284-7830 or file a complaint online. They can also be contacted via social media. You will typically get a response within 24-48 hours.

– Overall Experience

Osprey offers a great customer experience. For them, it’s not only about the end product, but the overall customer journey. The company will answer all your questions and has a detailed FAQ section as well. Moreover, the product is also very easy to buy. You may pick it online or through dealers.

– Very Versatile

Most backpacks from the company are very versatile. While some are made for specific purposes, such as hiking and running, most can be used for a variety of tasks. Moreover, the company also makes bags for specific genders to provide a great experience.

– Available in Different Colors and Sizes

If you’re bored of simple colors then try Osprey. Most of its products are offered in a variety of colors including red, yellow, and green. Plus, you can also find the right fit thanks to the backpacks being available in different sizes.

– Highly Durable and Easy to Use

The backpacks are justly priced and are highly durable. They’re made using high quality materials and great craftsmanship.

– Lifetime Guarantee

Osprey is one of the few companies to offer a lifetime warranty in the form of All Mighty Guarantee. The company guarantees to correct all faults free of charge. In case, it’s not able to repair a fault then it offers a free replacement. However, the policies differ based on where you live. Check with your local distributor to know more.

– Easy to Maintain

Osprey backpacks are very easy to use and maintain. Check this official guide for tips on how to take care of your Osprey backpacks. They’re very easy to clean and maintain and don’t get dirty easily.

Which Osprey Backpacks Should I Choose?

All seven products are great. You should pick one based on your own requirements. Consider these when picking one:

– Space

Pick a backpack that’s the right size for you. For example, Osprey Flare 22 Laptop Backpack One Size Black can be a good choice if you want a backpack for regular use, i.e: to go to work and school. It’s compact in size and offers a safe compartment for laptop and tablets.

– Use

Be clear about why you need a backpack for. If you’re going on a long trip then you should ideally pick Osprey Aether AG 70 Hiking Backpack as it has a lot of space. Similarly, if you’re flying then Osprey Packs Women’s Tempest 20 can be a good choice due to its ability to qualify as checked luggage.

– Weight

You should ideally pick a backpack that’s easy for you to carry. This again depends on why you need a backpack for. If you’re on a hiking trip then a heavy backpack can make it difficult to walk and climb. Our favorite is Osprey Duro 6 Running Backpack due to its light weight and incredible features.

 – Fit

Always pick a backpack that fits you well so that there’s no risk. Most backpacks on the list offer a great fit thanks to compression straps and other such features. Consider Osprey Zealot 15 Bike Backpack as it fits most people. You can also check this guide for tips on finding the right fit.

– Conditions

Keep future conditions in mind when picking a backpack. For example, if you’re going on a hiking trip and there’s a chance of rain then you should opt for a product like Osprey Aether AG 70 Hiking Backpack as it offers a rain cover that can keep your goods protected.

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